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Leading the way for 35+ years

Cadec fleet management system helps private fleets stay connected to their trucks and drivers, ensuring safety and compliance while enhancing customer service and reducing costs.

Join our other private fleet customers that already rely on Cadec. Here are just some of the reasons you’ll be glad you did:

  • Laser focus. Private fleets are our only business.
  • Experience and expertise. 35+ years of hands-on experience in foodfuel and other industries.
  • The industry’s most exceptional leadership team. With decades-long careers in fleet management, our leadership team can’t be beat.
  • One size doesn’t fit all. Our solutions can be configured to your specific needs.
  • Real-time data. We deliver true real-time data. Truly.

Founded in 1976, Cadec revolutionized the transportation industry. We were the first company to introduce FMCSA-certified automated driver logs, which we did for Frito-Lay in 1985. We followed that with more industry firsts: the first system to interface with engine control modules, the first system to interface with GPS and the first system with a graphical touchscreen.

But we’re not resting on our laurels. Instead, with the help of our trusted, industry-leading partners, we’re writing the next chapter

Increasing visibility across the supply chain

Our PowerVue fleet management system is the only system on the market that provides true real-time data for delivery operations. It’s also the industry’s most modern and flexible SaaS-based solution. Now in its second generation, PowerVue is “beautifully architected” says one customer and “easy to use” says another. 

It seamlessly integrates with best-in-class third-party routing and dispatch applications, including applications that run outside the cab, such as proof of delivery and eDVIR. It also integrates with enterprise-wide business applications.

The result is true business intelligence that’s easy to access, analyze and act upon.

The industry's best OBC: Transforming cabs into smart hubs

At the heart of the “smart hub” approach to fleet management is the S200 On-Board Computer wirelessly exchanging all the data fleet managers, dispatchers and drivers needs. This includes data about vehicle and driver performance, everything from breadcrumbs to delivery status, from speeding to hard braking. 

What’s more, the S200 exchanges all in real-time with a single data plan, saving you time and money, all while ensuring the safe, efficient, on-time deliveries.

We’ve really stretched the boundaries with Cadec over the years. Cadec has responded well and grown with us. Our gut feeling about Cadec back when we started working together — that they would be a good partner — has proven to be true.

Roger Nordtvedt
Director/General Manager 
Northwest Food Products Transportation


Member of the
National Private Fleet Council

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