Maximize the value of your private fleet

Fleet Management

  • The power of PowerVue

    Put the power of PowerVue to work for your private fleet

    Ahold USA increased driver productivity by cutting the time drivers spent at grocery stores by 10% per week.

    Cheney Brothers cut fleet costs by hundreds of thousands of dollars a year.

    Northwest Food Products Transportation increased MPG by half-mile per gallon, saving $500,000 in fuel costs in just one year. The fleet also saved 4.5 cents a mile on maintenance.

    Valley Proteins went from a data delay of 20 to 30 minutes to instant real-time data, enabling the company to schedule more pickups and deliveries, including last-minute ones. The result: a more robust bottom line.

    How did these private fleets do it?

    The same way you can...with PowerVue.

    The only fleet management system designed exclusively for private fleets, PowerVue keeps you connected to your drivers, your trucks and your customers. What’s more, you get true real-time data about every aspect of your fleet’s operation, ensuring safe, efficient and on-time delivery. You also get increased supply chain visibility that extends from your warehouses all the way to your customers’ docks.

    Our powerful S200 On-Board Computer turns every cab into a “smart hub,” wirelessly exchanging and integrating the data fleet managers, dispatchers and drivers need. This includes data from integrated third-party transportation applications such as routing and turn-by-turn navigation, as well as data from proof of delivery, eDVIR and other applications running on handheld devices outside the cab. And the S200 does all this with a single data plan. The result is increased supply chain visibility.

    The most flexible SaaS-based fleet management system on the market today, PowerVue is both effective and affordable. It’s also highly configurable.

  • Reporting and analytics

    Reporting and analytics

    Translate everyday data into actionable intelligence.

    Face it maximizing productivity while reducing costs and increasing customer satisfaction is a constant challenge. Make it easier with PowerVue’s advanced reporting and analytics capabilities. A comprehensive dashboard, scorecards and wide-array of reports come standard, as do the advanced analytics capabilities you need to make speedy, well-informed decisions with confidence.

  • Compliance


    HOS, IFTA and driver vehicle inspection reporting made simple.

    Ever-changing rules and regulations are a private fleet’s worst nightmare, but they don’t have to be. PowerVue makes it easy to track and report hours of service and fuel tax, and eDVIR makes it easy for drivers to submit electronic driver vehicle inspection reports.

  • Driver Workflow

    Driver workflow

    Increase driver productivity using your existing procedures and workflow.

    Whether in the yard, on the road or with customers, efficiency is the name of the game, and that’s exactly what you get with Driver Workflow, the most intuitive driver workflow on the market today.

  • Optional modules

    Get more with these four PowerVue fleet management modules

    Proof of Delivery Speed Monitoring Temperature Monitoring eDVIR

    Fast, friendly and flexible, DeliveryTracker extends supply chain visibility from your vehicles to your warehouses and even to customer docks, where you can use electronic proof of delivery, signature capture and paperless invoices to gain a competitive advantage.

    SpeedTracker speed-by-road trip data enables you to track driver behavior against established speed limits. You get a complete view of each driver’s speeding events, and drivers receive automatic alerts whenever they exceed your thresholds.

    Speed Monitoring

    TempTracker wirelessly monitors up to three separate trailer unit temperatures and automatically alerts you and your drivers whenever temps do not meet specified standards. The result? Continuous refrigeration performance and peace of mind.

    Temperature Monitoring

    Save time with electronic vehicle inspection reporting. Fully configurable and seamlessly integrated with Driver Workflow, eDVIR’s simple yet effective paperless process makes it easy for drivers to submit end-of-shift FMCSA-compliant vehicle inspection reports.eDVIR
  • Privacy and security

    Privacy and security

    24/7/365 peace of mind.

    Keeping your data private, secure and accessible is our top priority. Our highly secure and always-up-and-running SAS70-compliant data center features fully redundant load balancing and high-speed channel switches, as well as redundant backup and mass storage systems, routers, switches and firewalls.

    Intrusion-detection software monitors the network 24/7 for malicious activity and policy;violations.In addition,individual passwords,security questions and timed logoff all help keep your data private and secure, giving you around-the-clock peace of mind.