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Fleet Safety using Cadec Driver Performance Monitoring
Fleet Safety/PowerVue ProTecht Fleet Safety and Security Applications
Driver Performance Monitoring
Driver performance monitoring and incentives – Cadec's PowerVue system provides fleet managers with actionable information needed to help modify driver behavior. Using Driver scorecards, KPI dashboards or the PowerVue GYR report, companies and introduce driver performance management initiative and reward programs.

Detailed, accurate trip records of the driver's time on the job give a reliable picture of driving habits and facilitate improvement in driver and vehicle performance. Drivers are kept informed and alert with Cadec's driver-specific coaching system so that they maintain safe vehicle handling practices.
  • Reduce over revving, speeding violations
  • Optimize routes to reduce miles traveled and deadhead miles
  • Track and alert on rapid acceleration and/or deceleration incidents
  • Encourage progressive shifting techniques

The PowerVue electronic tachograph feature captures all speed, RPM and location information. The data can be graphically viewed on a second by second basis for any time period. Cadec's map view with speed and RPM on the same screen (U.S. Patent No. 7,002,579) provides a unique view of your vehicle/driver's speed and RPM with location. With this feature you can identify speeds on any road traveled. Audible and visual warnings from the onboard computer help keep the drivers informed and alert, so they can maintain safe vehicle handling practices.

Cadec's “Green Yellow Red Report (GYR), provides managers an easy way to manage their drivers based on key performance indicators (KPI) that highlight issues that need to be addressed. It also provides precise information on which aspects of driver performance needs to be dealt with, allow mangers to give timely, pointed feedback.

The report set-up allows managers to select predefined KPI's from a drop down menu. Each KPI is assigned a GYR range, a mileage scaling factor, a weighting factor and a total GYR ranges.

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According to the US DOT, Remote vehicle disabling is one of eight technologies that could reduce the safety threat posed by hijacking by about 36 percent. Cadec's long-standing leadership among petroleum, chemical and hazmat transport companies is based on the advanced safety features and benefits of the Cadec systems.

Cadec PowerVue continues to lead the industry, providing fleets with remote vehicle disabling technology. Combined with the Series 100 on-board computer, PowerVue provides companies with the ability to remotely and safely shut down a vehicle's engine to avoid a potential crisis.

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Vehicle Location
Cadec solutions provide unprecedented visibility into vehicle and trailer locations, both in real time and for historical reporting. GPS tracking, mapping and the patented ETOG reporting automates your ability to track drivers and vehicles to optimize delivery routes and reduce out of route miles, while keeping close watch on your inventory and your drivers.

ETOG Electronic Tachograph with Split Screen GPS Location
Virtually ride with every driver all the time
  • PowerVue electronic tachograph captures all speed and RPM information.
  • The data can be graphically viewed on a second by second basis for any time period.
  • Cadec's map view with speed and RPM on the same screen (patent pending) provides a unique view of your vehicle/driver's speed and RPM with location.

Real-time GPS Mapping with Microsoft Virtual Earth
  • Detailed satellite mapping in PowerVue provides the most current mapping capabilities
  • Provides road, aerial and hybrid mapping; snapshot pop-up views with summary data such as location and speed; and violation mapping

Automatic Vehicle Location / Pinging
  • Automatic Vehicle Location lets users locate their fleet and plot it on a map real-time using Global Positioning System (GPS) data (WWAN required).
  • Depending on which communication method is engaged, users can stay in touch with the vehicle within the yard and/or throughout each driver's route.

Automatic Border Crossing Notification (US only)
  • The Series 100 on is continuously checking the vehicle's GPS positions to automatically identify state border crossings.
  • The driver is notified when a border is crossed.
  • Once the vehicle stops, the border information is then presented to the driver for confirmation, as required by IFTA regulations.

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